Saturday, March 03, 2007

Money-saving tips for shopoholics

I am a huge fan of the Lucky Rewards program. You have to be a subscriber to Lucky Magazine, which is a "magalog" full of fun and stylish things to buy. A subscription costs $12. My subscription has already paid for itself thrice over. How? Because I use the links on the Lucky Rewards website to buy things I was going to buy anyway.

Take, for instance, the two pairs of spring shoes I bought on They were on sale, so yay. Additionally, Zappos rocks because they have free overnight shipping and free returns: double yay. I get 1% back on my Amazon Visa regardless (not the best cash back program, but okay), but through Lucky Rewards I get an additional 14% back.

Not all the Lucky Rewards discounts are that steep, but they do offer discounts at a lot of different places, and sometimes they can really knock down your total expense., where nearly all of the products for this comprehensive skin care regime can be found, gives a 13% discount. You can also order movie passes for $8 each and get 25% of that back from Lucky Rewards, although I haven't tried that yet. If you have certain things that you buy frequently from vendors on this list, subscribing might be worthwhile.

Another great site that I found recently is The Bargainist. Today I got a $75 book I've been wanting for ages for $56, thanks to a coupon code from The Bargainist and Lucky Rewards.
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