Thursday, April 15, 2010

No word on whether they also condemned natural hair.

I quit reading Above the Law for the same reason I quit watching television news: Its sole purpose is to foment anxiety. Jill brings one of their recent posts to our attention, in which some staggering sexism in the legal profession is highlighted.

The Chicago Bar Association held a What Not To Wear Fashion Show that provided “guest judges and fashion industry experts” to critique law students selections for “professional attire.” Money quotes from the panel:
“Looking sexy in a law firm is disrespectful."
“[L]adies, have some respect for yourselves. There are a lot of married men at law firms and you do not want to tempt them.”
If you work in a law firm where your career prospects are affected by wearing hoop earrings, ponytails, large engagement rings, or boots, or by carrying the wrong brand of handbag, RUN AWAY.
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