Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dou-Dou-Double Vision

Would you clone yourself? Would you expect Extra Crispy You to enjoy being raised by Original Recipe You? I don't have a moral problem with cloning if it can be accomplished without creating damaged versions along the way (big if). And even if your clone was likely to suffer from some genetic defects, it shouldn't be banned any more than people with known genetic defects should be banned from exercising their narcissistic reproductive preferences.

However, I support noncoercive means to discourage Bryan Caplan from cloning himself, or, alternatively, development of technology to send Bryan Caplans Junior and Senior back in time to the 1880s. (Or maybe doubling of Bryan Caplan's X chromosome to clone him as a woman. And then Bryan could accompany Bryanna back in time for a refreshing womens' history course.)

When Steve Sailer is the person making the most sense in a discussion thread related to human genetics, you know things have gone drastically off the rails.
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