Thursday, June 11, 2009

Surprise Frenchies & Proto-Jewish Mothers

So I got the results back from my DNA test. it provides tests for risk for bunches of diseases (some of which are backed by lots of research, and others with limited support that can only elevate or suppress one's general paranoia). The ones that are very well-established for scary diseases are placed behind double walls.

BRCA Cancer Mutations (Selected)


"You clicked on BRCA mutations. Do you really want to know if you need a preventative mastectomy? DO YOU?"


"You're fine. Of course this is all about risk. You could still get sick even if you lack these mutations."


In other news, my mitochondrial DNA haplogroup is K2a*. Apparently some substantial fraction of Ashkenazi Jews are K2a2* or K2a2a, which are branches from the K2a* line. They also compare your DNA with sample individuals from different countries and I am smack in the middle of the overlapped French and German clusters and nowhere near the Irish grouping. Very interesting.

Anyway, if someone wants to share profiles you should message me.
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