Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A common flower girl tries to be wise

It has come to my attention that I know exactly jack about philosophy! (Note: Never fulfill your philosophy requirement by taking a class on Ayn Rand at the engineering college on the ground that you already read the books in high school.) I am reading Bertrand Russell on my Kindle but am aware that a 65-year-old book may not be the best sole source for enlightenment. I am looking for other volumes that are available for the Kindle or from my local library. I vaguely recall Julian Sanchez talking up Reasons & Persons but have not yet succumbed to the necessity of ordering an actual book.

Relatedly, I wish there was a "Vampire Porn Y/N?" toggle for the fantasy section of Amazon. It's really its own subgenre by this point and swamps everything else.
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