Saturday, May 30, 2009


If you listen to most of the folks in this article, steroids are like the fountain of youth.
[T]hese drugs are the bedrock of a burgeoning anti-aging industry, where those nearing 40 and beyond can go to a clinic and take effective and controlled steps that will aid them in reversing the aging process. Science, in the long run, will win out.

At least that’s what Clapp, who takes a Darwinian view of the matter, believes.

“If you have the intellectual capacity to move against [when you’re going to die,]” he says, “you’re going to move against it.

“There’s many more important things here than how a man gets a bigger bicep or hits a ball farther,” adds Clapp. “The survival of the human race can be based in this thing we’re talking about.
Hmph. Not survival. I doubt people are likely to breed more with steroid use. Life extension, I can see. For dudes. HRT for women has had mixed results. What happens if you give women steroids and balance them out with estrogen and progesterone supplementation? The same things? Or would that just be a one-way ticket to Chynatown?
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