Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Random Roundup

- Bizarro foodie anti-intellectualism at Jezebel. The reason it's good to know how techniques work is so you can extrapolate that knowledge to cooking other things. If you don't know what's an old wives' tale and what actually adds something, you're going to end up cooking the same things or screwing up dramatically.

- If you can't write a great novel anymore, what's the point of fiction?

- Does demand for male beauty rest on the "pretty privilege" of certain women? (And should ugly women oppose increased beauty standards for men out of a self-interested stand against objectification?) ETA: Check this out.

- If you want to lose all faith in humanity, read this blog. He especially hates DC lawyer chicks, to which I say: Right back atcha, guy. (Edited to remove links to evil.)
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