Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What lies beneath

Egyptian women in hijab report more sexual harassment than women who go without. Awesome quotes:
"It makes a woman happy when I call to her. It makes her know she's attractive," 20-year-old Alla Aldin Salem said on the sidewalk in Mohandisseen, after going out of earshot of the glaring fellow vendor in hijab.

"The woman herself is the one who makes men harass her," said Fawzi Tahbet, a 50-year-old man selling kitchenware on another stretch of the sidewalk, under the shade of a tree. "If she's walking, swinging as she goes, of course it will happen."
I like how men have no independent will or agency here. If you see a woman walking down the street, you have to harass her. No choice. If this is true, then women should be the guardians of the men, not vice versa.
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