Monday, August 25, 2008

Amber is a sad panda.

Blackberry, where are you? Also, my brand-new interchangeable needle set came today and the cable broke in the middle of the first row, which nearly caused me to lose half of my sweater. Luckily, it came with two of each cable.

Warning: squicky stuff ahead:

To make my life complete, I have to wear my glasses all week because I lost a contact in my eye and spent the next few hours getting my eyeball scraped and prodded at the urgent care clinic. They said they couldn't find it; I guess I somehow blinked it out without even noticing in my frenzy of attempts to remove it, but just like you have a scratchy feeling in your throat after swallowing a fish bone, it felt like it was still there. Of course, this just means that my eye is actually scratched and I have to put Cipro drops in it and wear my librarian glasses for a few days.
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