Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not-So-Random Roundup

Here's a collection of recent posts from Bookninja, my new favorite literary blog:

  • What are the most controversial SF novels? It depends on whether we're talking in-group or out-group. Anything involving Harlan Ellison wins the former, but the latter would probably have to be something like The Satanic Verses (which I'll take others' word for as being genre; I couldn't get more than a few dozen pages in, it being, in the words of one reviewer, like "chewing sisal.")
  • Books that put you to sleep. My Corporations book was always good for this.
  • Google book recommendations?
On the random front: hot baths make guys (temporarily) sterile. My first thought was that this can't help the already-low Japanese birth rate. If I were a paranoid NBA player, I might want to invest in a Jacuzzi, or at least a heating pad.
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