Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ew, Texans!

Jared asked about my "worst experience of anti-Southern/anti-Texas bias." This had to be during the 2000 New Hampshire primary. As part of CMC's Washington semester program, we all had to go up to New Hampshire for the primary and work for a candidate. Being burnt out and apathetic, and out of perverse contrarian reaction to my then-boyfriend's McCain fetish, I worked on the Bush campaign. (Shut up! He hadn't done much of anything then! We didn't know! I had to pick one--who should I have gone with, Forbes? Bradley? Zzz. Anyway, I helped him lose.)

In just in less than an hour of holding a sign near a mall I had at least half a dozen people cruise by intentionally so they could harshly declare that we "didn't need any more Texans in the White House," with "Texans" pronounced such that I was in real fear that they would spit on me.

I actually lost my accent after going to a summer writing program at Simon's Rock College and having all the other teenage emo writer-wannabes ask me to say "fixin' to" over and over again.
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