Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Roundup

Every time I type the name of a particular drug company, I make the same typo. Every time, I snicker to myself and think "That's Lapine."

Speaking of nerds: private school students in New York wrote nasty Facebook pages about their teachers. One of the teachers wrote a thinly-veiled satire of the school. It all ends in tears. (Via Phoebe, who focuses on the conflict about political correctness allegedly at the bottom of it all.)

Some guy sits around waiting for people to deface Hillary Clinton's Wikipedia page. Did you know that Hillary Clinton is taller than John McCain? With heels she must be like half a head taller than him. Weird.

Also on Wikipedia: more pejorative terms than you ever knew existed.

On pejoratives: evidence that we still have a long way to go, feminism-wise: a Harvard student sex blogger debated a representative from the campus Anscombe Society (we've seen the Princeton chapter of this Junior Anti-Sex League before). The reaction by her peers to what was, by all accounts, a respectful and reasoned exchange?
[P]eople wrote in to Ivygate, calling Lena Chen a “slut,” a “whore,” a “total whore,” a “whore whore slut.” And then someone by the screen name of Sex v. Marriage wrote in to say that “most guys out there would rather end up with a girl like Janie.”
(Janie being her debate opponent, a young woman who has constructed a convoluted "feminist" argument for why she shouldn't even masturbate and who uses abstinence as an excuse to distance herself from relationships with men. Guys, the line forms to the left.)

Also, this.
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