Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Imprudent remarks on clothing for youth

Check out these disgusting excerpts from a chat between Emily Yoffe of Slate and her readers, which was based off Yoffe's recent column on the difficulty of finding modest school clothes for her middle-school-aged daughter:

Girls have an obligation to cover up so the boys can focus on schoolwork:
Kansas City, Mo.: As a middle school assistant principal, agree 110 percent with this article—I can't believe what some parents will let their children come to school in. Some look like street walkers—it's no wonder some of our boys have so much trouble concentrating!

Emily Yoffe: So do school administrators send kids home? Do they send out notices saying what's appropriate? And you raise a good point about the boys. Don't parents realize the damage they're doing to both sexes by letting their little girls run around like streetwalkers?
When the cute boys have to wear bags over their heads, I'll buy into the idea that young girls in shorts and tank tops should burqa up.

Yoffe affirms one mother's contention that Chester the Molester goes after your tween because she's asking for it in those clothes:
Killeen, Texas: I have an 11-year-old daughter, and I agree completely with your article. Finally somebody who spoke out. Let the kids be kids as long as they can. Weren't we told that the people we attract depends on what we wear? We complain about predators and sexual offenders, but on the other hand the clothing companies only offer skimpy outfits? What message does that deliver? I wish that all mother of young girls would boycott buying those clothes. Hurray for you and thanks again.

Emily Yoffe: Thanks so much. Yes, if no one bought this stuff, they wouldn't keep making it. It's been interesting to hear from some mothers who think I'm way off base.
Yoffe is unaware that high-waisted jeans have been in for the last year or so:
New York: I don't quite understand why companies are marketing these low rise jeans to girls in the 'tween set ... anyone who reads any fashion magazine has seen high rise jeans skyrocket into popularity again. Do they just want these girls to be slutty and unfashionable?

Emily Yoffe: Please, please tell me high rise jeans are making a return. I can't be soon enough.
The real problem is that tween fashion isn't following trends slavishly enough; it's all about loose-cut trouser jeans now.
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