Wednesday, September 05, 2007

If I don't get what I pay for, why would I pay for it?

If fashion designers are concerned about competition from knockoffs, maybe they should differentiate themselves by providing higher quality merchandise? If it's a choice between a cheaply made blouse for $40 and a cheaply made blouse for $400, the only reason to pick the latter is if it's emblazoned with logos or otherwise obviously a designer product (assuming one wants to convey status through such exhibitionism). Several of the designer items I have bought (with the exception of my stunning handbag) have been real disappointments in terms of quality: linings that are missing or improperly sewn, loose threads, variable sizing. I expect this from the Gap, but not from Nanette Lepore.

I want well-tailored clothing made from fabrics with good hand and drape, with consistent and reasonable sizing. (Note: mature human females do not have 27" busts and 26" waists.)
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