Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stupid Post of the Day

A discussion of a news story on children dying after being left in hot cars attributes blame in an innovative way:
[It's the heat of summer, w]hich means the tragic stories of kids left in their cars by forgetful/neglectful parents will start rolling in. . . . [W]hile I do think these people should still be punished, I feel for them a little more.

A few parts of this story seriously pissed me off, though. First, this.
A relatively small number of cases about 7 percent involved drugs or alcohol. In a few instances, the responsible parties had a history of abusing or neglecting children. Still others were single parents unable to find or afford day care.
My emphasis. How sad is that? If I were the employers of those parents, I would consider myself directly responsible for their children’s deaths.
Not just responsible, Constant Reader. Directly responsible.
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