Friday, May 18, 2007


Nobody actually asks me these questions, but I thought some clarification was necessary.

Q: Who are you, anyway?
A: The nutshell description is here. I am a recently minted attorney in the D.C. area who enjoys books, blogging, obscure board games, baking, and harassing my cats. I have gone to libertarian lectures for fun and my idea of a great weekend is buying stuff online and eating Ethiopian takeout. I am a giant nerd.

Q: Why should I care what you say?
A: You probably shouldn't. Most of what is on this blog is frivolous nonsense.

Q: Whose opinions are these?
A: All posts and comments represent the opinions of their authors and nobody else. They do not represent the opinions of my past or present employers, libertarians in general, women in general, or major league baseball.

Q: I know you in real life. May I read this?
A: Yes. This is not a private web diary. If you are a long-lost friend/classmate/whatever, feel free to use this as an opportunity to reconnect. If you are a current acquaintance, I will not feel weird about you reading this, talking to me about it, or commenting on the posts. Consider this an invitation to conversation. It's far more creepy to just lurk than to chip in.

Q: May I e-mail you?
A: My contact information is on the sidebar. Be warned that I prefer short e-mails to long ones, if only because I can more quickly respond to a short one. If you write me a long e-mail, I may not have time to write a similarly lengthy message back for a while, and then I will feel guilty for not having written and will continue to procrastinate until eventually I never write at all.

Q: What's the deal with the blog title?
A: It is a twist on a line from an old movie. I am very short: shorter, in fact, than Napoleon. This blog used to be called "Class Maledictorian," but I changed it after graduating from law school.

Q: I'm thinking of going to law school. Should I?
A: Do you want to be a lawyer? Or are you under the illusion that a law degree is a good general-purpose degree? Or are you just trying to escape the real world and think that's worth taking on $100K in student loans? Think hard.
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