Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Test

Steve was asking me for a while about whether I wanted to go see The Departed. I didn't; it's about Bostonians, and I hate Boston(ians). But I'd also heard, via this NY Times profile, that it completely fails the DTWOF test for films. The test, for those of you who don't click through the preceding link, is that a movie must have
  1. More than one female character,
  2. The female characters talk to each other, and
  3. Their conversation is not about a man.
This is surprisingly hard to do. A Fish Called Wanda only passes if you include Mrs. Leach's brief conversations with her daughter about getting a nose job. The Prestige fails, since I think the only conversation between women are about one of the magicians. I'm not a strict adherent to the test; if I have some motivation to see a film, it doesn't dissuade me. But if I'm already leaning against . . .
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