Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Question Time: Smiles or Nuns?

John puts a choice before me:
(a) smile (wide and beaming) at each stranger you come across every day for a year; or (b) live in a nunnery (abiding by their rules) for 3 months.
Well, I think it would be pretty cool to live in a nunnery. There might be some trouble with the rules; if I bow my head and mutter along, does it matter that there's no belief behind it? If not, I pick B. My wimple would be the starchiest and most spotless of all. (I've worn one before, when I had to dress as the Wife of Bath for part of an AP senior English assignment that rivaled the infamous HLS collage for lack of substance. On top of that, the teacher strongly implied that by assigning me the Wife of Bath she was alluding to my love life. WTF, suburban school district?)
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