Sunday, June 04, 2006

Where's Edith Wharton when we need her?

One of the many reasons I hated my three years at HLS: the Northeast is full of people who take the OKOP/NOKOP distinction to heart. Seriously, if anyone made a comment about me because of how I tied my sweater, I'd want to slap them. This desire is, of course, itself NOKOP.

I wasn't aware that the Social Register still existed. It does.
Since its inception, the Social Register has been the only reliable, and the most trusted, arbiter of Society in America. As a service to its members, it offers a publication which lists the Association's membership, as well as contact information, club and college affiliations, and births, debuts, engagements, marriages and deaths as they occur.
That's Society with a capital S, and they don't appear to be joking. I have no words. (via)
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