Friday, June 16, 2006

Arms or Kids?

John has a question that's become more topical since the kerfuffle at Volokh over Emily Yoffe: "You have a choice. You can either (a) go the rest of your life without any arms; or (b) rear, along with your husband, 5 children. You decide."

Well, he said rear, not gestate, so the choice is easier than it would otherwise be. (Although being bionic would be sort of cool, and for the price of five years' worth of nannies and sixty years of boarding school tuition, you could get some sweet prosthetic arms, I'm sure. And are we talking amputation at the shoulder or at the elbow? But I digress.) Surely there are some foreign boarding schools that are relatively cheap? Since it sounds like these kids are adopted, how old are they when received? That plays into my expected cost. Even if my entire income for eighteen years goes to paying for the kids, at the end I am free, still have arms, and have been able to survive for that time thanks to a second income. I guess you've got me, John: I'll keep my limbs.
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