Friday, March 31, 2006

PTN Book Club: Saturday

If you've read Saturday and have some blogged thoughts, send me a link to them and I'll post it.

My own review will be up later today.

Karl: Saturday would ordinarily be Perowne's most contented day, but the main theme of Saturday is the ways in which events conspire against that contentment, starting with an omen in the early morning sky and drawing ever closer to Perowne as the day unfolds.

dgm: As he notes in a passage I dog-eared, "misery is more amenable to analysis: happiness is a harder nut to crack." And there you have my major complaint about most contemporary fiction and music. McEwan cracked the nut.

Zubon: I like a lot of things about Henry, which is good. Too much modern literature decides that the way to give a character depth is to make him horribly horribly flawed.

Amber: Despite how easy it would have been to contemptuously slant his portrayal of Henry and make him into some kind of materialistic bourgeois philistine, McEwan keeps every one of his characters human: fallible, but with comprehensible motivations.

Carina: It's refreshing to read a novel written from the point of view of a man who would never write a novel.
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