Saturday, November 19, 2005

By Request: Wrap-Up

asg says:
I would like to hear about your favorite literary and SF heroines -- in particular those you most wanted to emulate.
In vaguely temporal order: Dorothy & Ozma, Aeriel, Eowyn, Scarlett O'Hara, Dagny Taggart, Nell, Jane Eyre. Emulation probably only came (comes?) into play with the fifth and sixth.

Ms. Fowler asks:
Tell us about a decision you made that you frequently reconsider, and what you think might be different if you had made the other choice.
But asg qualifies:
If you do Scheherazade's, I beg for the stipulation that it not involve law school.
But all I've done for the past three years is go to law school! If that's out, what regrettable decision can I blog? I probably should have gone to the Black Sea beaches by myself. Nothing would be different but my memories, but good memories are worth having.

MT wants to know why on Earth I am a Libertarian. dgm wants to know if I could imagine myself as anything but a libertarian.

Answer: I am a small-l libertarian because I believe in limited government and personal freedom. There aren't so many of those in either party these days. However, the Libertarian Party is full of crazies. What else would I be but a wanderer?

I like hot dogs, first kisses in general (except when they cause bleeding), and don't know when I'll next be in Northern California (no direct flights from Clerksville, alas). Anything else?
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