Monday, November 14, 2005

Article III Groupie Unmasked

Someone in the comments wants to know my take on the revelation of Article III Groupie's identity (she's a man, baby!). I confess to having felt a little dirtied by the deceit, despite being such an infrequent reader of UTR that I didn't even realize that A3G was a rightie until recently. From the first, the blog turned me off, despite its winning combination of law and gossip, chiefly because of the aggressive girliness of the site. Everything was a little too pink and cutesy for me. Apparently for many (especially law geeks) this was more of a turn-on, resulting in Crying Game-type reactions from those who had nursed blog crushes on A3G after their sassy and brilliant dream girl turned out to be a male AUSA. But doesn't everyone know that hot online ladies aren't always what they seem?

There are certain odd elements to the aftermath: there's some kind of discussion going on about Lat's sexual orientation, allegedly because straight men can't possibly know anything about fashion; one person asserts that "now that we know that she is a man, A3G simply MUST stop calling her/himself a "federal judicial starf#@$er!" (apparently men can't be "starf#@$ers" -- there's a link between this and Maureen Dowd's theories on mating between high status individuals that I won't get into here); and the blog abruptly went offline late this afternoon, prompting speculation that the DOJ might have come down on the glory-seeking Lat.

If UTR resurfaces, I'll continue to sporadically check it for updates on my classmates' Supreme Court clerkships and news about my judge, but knowing that that the person behind the A3G schtick is a self-congratulatory man parodying gossipy women rather than one of those cheeky, head tossing ladies Dowd was going on about won't change the fact that I find the authorial voice irritating and the color scheme excessively bright.
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