Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Run By Fruiting

Thanks to everyone who passed along pick-me-up ideas. Today I'm going to have an Arrested Development marathon and tonight I'll procrastinate packing with some web games.

Some random questions and assertions:
-The phrase "lion-proof ugly" should gain wider usage.

-Is it true, in your experience, that people prefer pets of the opposite sex? I do, but I had a great tomcat and a sweet male collie to bias me.

-Heidi went kayaking in shark infested waters. But at least they weren't octopus-fested!

-I'm not interested in reproducing, but if you are, and would like to remain so, don't look at this post. Did you know human placentas are sometimes eaten? You can also get placenta shampoo, although that's some kind of animal afterbirth ingredient.

-Aside from all this yacking about whether the 3L year should be abolished, there's another question: why is the American law degree a graduate degree at all? Contra Althouse, we must have seven years of education to be lawyers (although the first four need not be legal education). Why not revert to the British model and require some number of clinical or apprenticeship hours?
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