Sunday, June 26, 2005

Names, they are a-changin'

Since I'm not longer a member of a class, I thought that this would be a good time to change the name of this blog from the aggressively misanthropic "Class Maledictorian" to something a little lighter and not tied to my former identity as a student. The discussion in the wake of this post reflected a general consensus that "Prettier Than Napoleon" or "BamberBlog" should be the lead contenders. I picked the former. I predict that the content of this blog will shift toward books, movies, and culture and away from law after I pass the bar, so this new name can signify that change as well.

You need not change your links, as this blog will remain at, but it is also now accessible via

UPDATE: I have also radically changed the template, so those of you reading through Bloglines might click through and check out the new style (100% less orange!).

UPDATE II: It looks like permalinks are not working with the new template. Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this?

UPDATE III: Better now, I think. Please let me know if there are problems.
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