Saturday, June 25, 2005

MBE: The Reckoning

I basically took this week off of bar study because they were covering material I'd already done for two days and I was too lazy to do the first practice performance test at the end of the week. Today was the simulated MBE, which apparently I am supposed to be afraid of but didn't take very seriously. I finished each half in two hours and then left early. (I read very quickly and don't find it particularly helpful to stare at the page when I don't know the answer--best to take a guess, since no new information is going to spontaneously appear in my brain).

They told us our score analysis would be available in five days, but the test booklet has a key in the back so I was able to calculate my raw score (133) on the train on the way back. As I understand it, that's sometimes but not always a passing score. Not bad for someone who sat around watching Deadwood episodes all week, I guess. My studying now at least has some focus (the key lists the issue tested by each question, so I can intensely review weak spots like the Rule Against Perpetuities).
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