Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Female Gaze

A while back I saw some article about the women's body types people thought were most attractive. IIRC, women picked the second-skinniest body, while men picked the skinniest. Of course there are contradictory data (maybe nsfw). But I don't care what men want! What do ladies want?

These are a bunch of photos of the same man at various stages of fitness. Which of these versions is the most appealing? (Note: decided lack of chest hair in these photos.)

I have, in conversation with Mike, compared bodybuilders with runway models: Both have body types whose characteristics are established by a group other than the opposite-sex target audience and are not actually attractive to the majority of women and men, respectively.* So which John do women (not other men!) think is the hottest?

* Did middle school boys typically cadge their mom's copy of W? Doubtful It's the Maxim pinups they want. Or wanted, before the internet.
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