Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zombie Bamber?

So for my birthday I got a buckwheat pillow, making my sleeping arrangements even more deeply ridiculous: the four-inch thick foam topper on my mattress is much softer than my previous pillow, much less this one. There's no good reason for this; I bought a loveseat instead of a decent mattress when I moved into my house and the inertia is strong, sunk costs for the expensive topper are overly influential, etc.

(Also, I hate having deliverymen come after the altercation with the loveseat guys, who mysteriously forgot that the back came off the piece until I told them that their half-hearted attempts to get it up my stairs and proposal to leave it in my downstairs living room, for which I had already purchased a couch, meant that I was refusing delivery and they could just take the damn thing back.)

Anyway, with the too-thick mushy foam topper and the buckwheat pillow, my pillow is harder than my sleeping surface. Absurd. But the combination is not uncomfortable, as the pillow, with a little nestling action, does conform neatly to the head and neck. The only disconcerting part is that once the pillow is conformed to your head, it tends to keep you completely in place the entire night. I close my eyes while lying in bed on my back, arms at my sides, and wake in EXACTLY the same position. It's like I wasn't asleep at all, except for the remembering dreams and not being tired part. (I can sleep on my side with the pillow, but that is less comfortable; the cheek demands to be cushioned on something softer. On the stomach is right out, which is a pity since I do like that also.)

I do recommend these pillows, if you do not mind their incredible swipple factor and high cost.
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