Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Rules of Attraction

"There is a groupie for every male endeavor."

Anyone can say "I'm somebody's fetish."

Are both valid? Either? Discuss.

P.S. I watched the movie from the post title recently. It was good, but frustrating, since I know that I never take away from these movies what you are supposed to. Here, it didn't seem like the characters' "excesses of sex and substance abuse [were] emotionally impossible." Universities across the nation are full of solipsistic young people from all socioeconomic strata who consume as many legal and illegal drugs as possible, blunder about oblivious to the feelings of those around them, and make unwise sexual decisions for muddled reasons. I fail to see what is so unique and terrible about this bunch, except that they were able to afford higher quality intoxicants, more stylish clothes, and shinier toys. Their lives would be just as empty were they driving to drug deals in Hondas and being rejected by people clad in Old Navy.
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