Friday, June 13, 2008

Ewan and Colin know.

The Apostate, on sex appeal:
It’s not uncommon for me to look at a woman and go, “Oh my. She’s hot.” And for me, “hot” means fuck-worthy, not merely good looking (Lance calls it “oomph”). And I rarely see a man like that - and that’s not because there aren’t good looking men around. “Hot” — or “hawt” — is when a man acknowledges his sex appeal and wears it proudly on his person, in every look and gesture and the way he moves, signaling that at any moment, he’s down for doing the dirty. Many women - including me when I’m feeling it, more rarely now that I’m getting old and bitter - do it consciously or unconsciously. Men? Much less common. Very unusual, in fact.
I generally attribute this to the fact that most men don't try to look hot. Projection takes effort! Maybe guys have internalized the idea that male bodies are unattractive and rely on dominance-related methods of establishing themselves as sexual beings. You are sublime, guys! Tap that knowledge, and go forth in hotness.
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