Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This feels like an LSAT question.

Amber likes to knit. She has 1100 yards of blue variegated yarn, 735 yards of pink variegated yarn, 576 yards of green DK variegated yarn, and 550 yards of solid jade yarn. She would like to make up to four sweaters with this yarn. She does not want to make the same sweater more than once.

The blue variegated can be made into an Hourglass sweater, a Drops jacket, or a Tempting sweater.

The pink variegated can be made into a Bad Penny sweater, a Fitted Minisweater, or a Wicked sweater.

The green DK variegated can be made into a Shapely tank, a Bad Penny sweater, or a Green Gable sweater.

The jade solid can be made into a Green Gable sweater, a Tempting sweater, a Blanche sweater, or a Fitted Minisweater.

The Bad Penny and Hourglass sweaters must be made with variegated yarn. The Green Gable and Tempting look best with solid yarn. The Bad Penny looks best with DK yarn. The Green Gable looks nice in jade, but if Amber uses the jade solid for something else then she will make the Green Gable in black later.

Amber can always buy more yarn. What should Amber make?
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