Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things that have been bothering me about Inception


Why is Mal on the opposite ledge in what appears to be an entirely different hotel room when she jumps?

Why do Dom and Mal leave limbo by laying down in front of a train rather than saying, "You know what I feel like creating with my mind right now? Two jumbo syringes of morphine! Or maybe a tank of laughing gas mixed with carbon monoxide!"? *POOF* AHHHHhhhh ....

Why doesn't Mal kill their dream-kids, if she was so convinced they weren't real?

Why doesn't Dom kill Mal in limbo rather than going to the trouble of incepting her, and why doesn't Mal kill Dom in "reality" rather than setting up an elaborate fake murder?

Why doesn't the team dream themselves up some awesome body armor like Eames dreams himself a bigger gun in the warehouse scene?

Why is Joseph Gordon-Levitt insanely hot all of a sudden? Must be the three-piece suits.

How is there ALREADY Inception slash fanfiction?
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