Friday, May 07, 2010

Most expensive free parking ever

So I found a free parking space by my doctor's office yesterday morning and was able to call my other doc (who Doc 1 wanted me to follow up with) and get an appointment with him for the same morning, just slightly later. Score, right? Since there was no chance of parking for free at Doc 2's, I thought I'd just hang out in the car and read for 20 minutes or so and then drive over.

Unfortunately, I drive a Prius, so if you just sit in the car with the key it runs the battery down. Price to be reminded of this little lesson: $75 for a jump from the tow-truck driver who fortunately happened to be at an accident down the block. I got to Doc 2's on time, but with much gnashing of teeth.

Ideally I would have thought to negotiate this price with the driver and maybe get him to drop the price for an off-the-books jump, but this didn't occur to me until afterward.
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