Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Roundup

- I'm less angry than I used to be. But maybe it's just because I know I'm not getting any prettier.

- I wanted to spin this as "she may be a careerist sociopath, but she's our careerist sociopath," but it's even worse than that. The followup is, if anything, even more off-putting than the original piece. I can put up with a certain amount of "go Team Red/Blue! Beat Team Blue/Red!" with minimal nausea, just from living in DC, but to see someone shrug at the systematic corruption of the justice system is a whole other kettle of rotten fish. And can you imagine this kind of defense of a cop committing similarly repugnant acts? I can't.

I interviewed at a prosecutor's office once and answered a question about charging decisions along the Balko line, i.e. the prosecutor's job is to work toward justice, not maximizing time served for defendants. They asked me why I was interviewing there and not at the public defender. FAIL.

- I have accepted that I am a satificer, not a maximizer. DC is a decent town for satisficers. I find maximizers and their environs exhausting. This is not least because many self-identifying maximizers pay little heed to search costs and diminishing returns. However, when I need a really awesome. trendy outfit for a show, DC is sort of disappointing. Returns for outre fashion are high! Suggestions for concertwear welcome.
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