Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No clever title

This whole discussion is fascinating in so many ways:

- If you intermarry with a member of the majority, the kids get raised with the minority traditions. Fight the power, resist assimilation, etc. But what happens when two minorities hook up?

- Childrearing, David Bowie style: You're afraid of Americans! (Even if you're an American or American-raised immigrant!) How to keep your American-born kid from turning into an actual American, especially if you live in the most quintessentially Ugly-American of places, Texas? You'll have to ship them off to Hogwarts or something.

- Why are there so many Jewish guy/Asian girl couples? Why so few Asian guy/Jewish girl pairs? Asian guys have it rough.

I'm not religious. I like Christmas trees, as long as they're fake. Prudie's an idiot and, like the NYT Ethicist, is a reliable indicator of the wrong answer in just about any situation. Put up your tree, lady.
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