Sunday, August 30, 2009

At least there was no venom addiction subplot.

I am a complete sucker for Amazon Kindle marketing. Free gateway books? Oh yeah. The amount I have spent on volumes 2 through N from authors who Amazon has provided free teaser novels dwarfs the sum spent on standalone books. This is how one ends up buying all three parts of the "Queen of the Orcs" trilogy. (Which, honestly, is a solid entrant in the gritty feminist fantasy subgenre, at least with regard to the first book. By the second, however, I realized that it has become mandatory in this subgenre to give the disempowered female protagonist a break from her relentless oppression and misery via discovery of interspecies oral sex. I've seen it done worse, but would have rather skipped that entirely. It helps that the orcs are essentially very large humans with yellow eyes and bumpy foreheads---more Klingon than goblin. Not much, though.)
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