Friday, February 27, 2009

Mini-review: Kindle 2

So I bought a Kindle 2, because I care about stimulating the economy and also SHINY! So far, I like it a lot; it's light enough to carry in one hand while reading, is comfy to read in bed, etc. The screen is easy to read from most angles, although sometimes there is a bit of glare. I need to get a screen protector and case for it so it doesn't end up beat to hell like my iPhone. The battery lasts for a long time if the wireless is turned off. I sort of wish it had a backlight, but I bet that would make the eInk harder to read.

There is just one thing irking me so far: the books. There are not enough books available for it yet. What there is falls into two categories: new bestsellers and classics. No mid-list stuff. No meat-and-potatoes authors. Only some books from the authors they do have (only Use of Weapons and Matter by Banks? Come on!). This is fine if you just want to use the Kindle to read trash, as I currently do, but for it to become a serious threat to my bookshelf and library card, Amazon will need to get more authors and publishers on board. I want to read both Susan R. Matthews's backlist AND Reasons and Persons on my Kindle 2. Make this happen, Amazon!

Unrelatedly: Thanks to Tyler for the link to my last post!
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