Thursday, December 11, 2008

And now a message from our sponsor.

Not really. I don't take ads. But I will take a moment to endorse these stockings.

(OMG, it's another fashion post. This is your chance to leave.)

Looking to relive the 1990s? Hate the suffocation of pantyhose? Want to look hot and keep your legs warm? Then these are for you. Why?

- Cute fishnet band border.

- Extreme durability. A tiny snag was tugged back into place with ease.

- A range of sizes. Do they have extra smalls, for the short ladies? Why, yes indeed.

- They stay up. No, really. They don't budge. At all. But there's no uncomfortable pinch or above-the-band bulge. They are just held up by the power of Grayskull or something.

Seriously, if you wear hosiery, check them out.
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