Sunday, April 13, 2008


Steve and I enjoy fine dining, so when we knew we'd be in the New York area for a wedding we made reservations at a restaurant in Manhattan which recently received a second Michelin star. The food was mostly excellent; Steve's tuna Napoleon and Chicken "Kiev" and my lamb were delicious. However, the experience was marred by disappointing service* and a wretched neighbor at the next table who spent the entire meal shoving my handbag into me (it was nowhere near him) and leering at my chest. He, I note, received nothing but the most obsequious service from the entire staff. Our meal was partially comped but I'm never going back.

* The waiter appeared to think that we had never been to a nice restaurant before and was incredibly condescending. We also didn't get descriptions of more than a handful of the cheeses on the cart (which were served at the wrong temperature) and no one came by to ask about us until the very end of the meal, at which point it was already ruined.

UPDATE: We just noticed that the restaurant is violating FACTA by printing expiration dates on its credit card receipts. You can get $100-1,000 per violation without even showing damages. That would probably cover the cost of a meal there, if you were hungry and litigious.
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