Friday, January 04, 2008

How to beat your wife

Jezebel brings us this revealing column from the Yemen Times. An excerpt:
[B]eating is considered a type of violence, according to human rights organizations, which urge women to complain to the police. I just wonder what kind of families our societies would have if Muslim women started doing this regarding their husbands.

Relationships between fathers and daughters or sisters and brothers also provoke argument from human rights organizations, which propose the suggested solutions for all relationships. Personally, I don’t think fathers or brothers would undertake such behavior unless there was a reason for it. ... [S]hould fathers and brothers complain to police if their daughters or sisters violate moral, Islamic or social norms?
One commenter observes:
Ever notice it's always daughters and sisters violating Islamic 'norms'? You never hear of a girl killing her brother because he broke Islamic law by say, drinking a beer or dressing in Western clothing.
Have there been any honor killings of males by family members?
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