Sunday, December 23, 2007

Movie Review: Walk Hard

Between outings with various individuals this weekend we managed to fit in a viewing of Walk Hard. This is a completely unnecessary yet fairly entertaining spoof of the musician-biopic genre. Apparently you don't even have to have seen these movies to be amused (Steve has not seen Ray or Walk the Line but still laughed). I am, however, getting a bit tired of seeing the same dozen actors in every movie connected with Judd Apatow, and of the accompanying trend of aggressively ugly protagonists. Hiding David Krumholz and Jason Schwartzman behind massively quantities of fake facial hair only reinforces the problem. There is male frontal nudity in this picture, but it's neither sexy nor aesthetically appealing, which is, I'm sure, how it managed to get past the ratings board.

I had been psyched for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but the trailer made it look . . . not so great. Steve pointed out that 1) we have no evidence that Jason Segel can write, and 2) it's probably partially autobiographical, and we all know how much that can suck. I'll still see it, but not on opening weekend.
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