Thursday, October 25, 2007

Links "R" Us

Suing for sex? Service of process is not good foreplay.

This paper arguing for a "cultural theory of Mary Sue fiction as fair use" would be good if the authors actually knew what a Mary Sue is. Haven't they heard of Marty Stus? For every person writing fanfic who is consciously or unconsciously responding to cultural subjugation of women and minorities, there are five hundred unrepentant narcissists and slavering lustbunnies whose only motivation is to gratify themselves in the simplest and most uncomplicated of ways.

If they boot Amber the cutthroat bitch from House I am going to be so ticked. (NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS.)

Vote for your favorite student blogger to get $10,000.

I like sexy children's costumes, if only because the women's "one-size" costumes swallow me but the girls' XL fits just fine.
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