Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random Roundup, now with extra randomness

Should you vote for Fred Thompson because he's "sexy"? No.

On the perceived dangers of women's physicality.

More hazards of having a female body.

Time to make the snow cones!

What not to read: Overrated novels.

What to watch: Movies with this guy.

My government professor gave away his kidney.

Tim Wu is down on the iPhone. People are grumbling that the AT&T network takes a whole minute to load the New York Times webpage. My Blackberry is on what's considered the best network in the D.C. area and it still takes 1.25 minutes to load The Volokh Conspiracy, which is mostly text. If I am going to have poky load times, I'd rather have a shiny iPhone to assuage my anger.
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