Monday, January 29, 2007

My name! Mine!

There are too many Amber Taylors. First there was the Amber Taylor whose pal signed her up for MySpace using my e-mail address, so I got mail every time one of her vapid friends left a comment on her page. I called it to her attention but she never fixed it properly as far as I know; I just set up a rule to automatically send all her MySpace crap to the trash.

Then there was the Amber Taylor in New Zealand who didn't know her own e-mail address and put mine on a bunch of lame church potluck listserves. Despite trying to correct this as well, I still occasionally get a message asking if I can bring paper plates and pie to some silly Sunday event halfway across the world.

Now there's another stupid Amber Taylor (or maybe it's one of the previous stupid Amber Taylors) who got pregnant and signed up for a bunch of those sickly-sweet mommy sites. I now get deluged with gross messages about how big Amber Taylor's fetus is this week and what baby names are hot right now. It is somewhat annoying.

But this is the last straw. My name an alias for Paris Hilton?!? EW. If only my middle name didn't suck.
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