Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Quit trying to steal my $125.

I will be happy to move.

My apartment complex in Clerksville was never the most smoothly run, but a few months ago they had a complete staff turnover and ever since then things have gone down the tubes. I had set up my rent and utilities to be automatically charged to my credit card. This had apparently been processed appropriately until this month, the first month since the end of my lease. I was expecting, as per the lease document, a $100 month-to-month charge. I was not expecting a notice on my door stating that I would be hit with a $150 month-to-month charge on top of a $75 charge for unpaid rent.

There is no reason for the payment to not have been processed, despite the lease's ending; in fact, upon examination of their records, the complex claimed that they had attempted to process the charge but that it had somehow vaporized before any money changed hands (then again, the records say that I have paid several times by check, which is false). There is also no reason for them to have unilaterally changed the terms of my lease relating to post-lease month-to-month charges. The person I spoke with last Thursday agreed that the late fee should be cancelled, but couldn't do it herself; the manager, who can actually do things, told her that the $150 charge was correct. Unfortunately, she made this assertion without even referring at my lease, which I of course did before informing her that the charge was, in fact, wrong.

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