Monday, July 03, 2006

Born Agains Give You Cancer?

I've been following the blogosphere discussion on the HPV vaccine. Some parents don't want to shell out $360 for a vaccine because they are totally certain that their daughters will abstain. Setting aside the whole "raped? have some cancer with that!" problem this situation poses and the fact that even proponents of abstinence education admit that the programs are less effective at reducing sexual activity by boys (making good Christian lads a possible vector even if they got the same lectures as your little Grace): what about converts?

I'll venture to say that a lot of the religious people who object to the vaccinations are also evangelical, or at least belong to denominations that are welcoming of converts. So are wild boys who have some fun but then see the light and get born again eligible to wed the young women in their church? And if they are, and the women, virginal on their wedding nights, are infected with a cancer-causing strain of HPV, who's to blame?
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