Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Somewhere in here there's an Enron joke to be made

I recently acquired a new board game that consumed a large part of my weekend: Power Grid. It's a German game based around building power plants and supplying cities with electricity. This game may be the most unabashedly geeky one I've ever played; it's like SimCity without any of the creative aspects of building a town. The box is hysterical, especially if read in a fake German accent, although luckily the rules are translated well. From the box:
Earning money with electric power? Earning lots of money with electric power? A very good idea!!! ... Certainly nuclear power is very exciting and as long as government will manage the nuclear waste there will be a lot of profit. ... Over 200 wooden pieces included.
You can play it online. (Alas, no wooden pieces.)
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