Monday, April 26, 2010

Pop quiz, hot shot.

You're at a major American airport and approach some seats near the gate. You ask people nearby if a seat with a small insulated lunch bag on it is available.

"There was some lady here, I think it was hers, but she left a long time ago and didn't come back," says one woman. The man on the other side of the empty seats agrees. You all exchange somewhat green-about-the-gills looks.

You could scoot the bag over and sit in the seat. Or you could be a good little citizen of the homeland and report the "suspicious package" to the TSA and possibly cause an evacuation of the terminal leading to hundreds of people missing their flights.


(I found this entire episode a sad vote of no-confidence in our government. We'd rather assume the risk than invoke the massive and disproportionate response of the present security apparatus.

N.B. the bag was still there, unclaimed, 30 minutes or so later when everyone got up to board. It did not explode.)
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