Friday, November 20, 2009

No, I'm not going to the movie.

Although young men do often fail to bathe for other reasons, I can't help but think that Robert Pattinson's decision to reek is a form of unconscious coping with the constant pressure of his squealing fanbase.

Here's an article on the Twilight phenomenon that most of us can get behind. Someone post it to the Twilighter boards!

ETA more interesting links:

- Comparison of stalking scenes in Buffy and Twilight. Takeaway:
Buffy quickly establishes control in each potentially dangerous situation while Bella is perpetually cast as the damsel in distress. Stalking, spying and over-protective male behavior is present in Buffy's world but it is always framed as creepy or inappropriate and is often the subject of ridicule. The same type of male behavior in the Twilight series is framed as romantic, sexy and a sign of "true love."
- Long examination of abuse issues in Twilight.
Edward is an emotional batterer, and Bella is constantly and persistently victimized by his actions. What makes it sad is that the author herself seems to have no idea that she was writing about an abusive, codependent teenage relationship.
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