Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Robot Cabs Now!

I HATE when cabbies are on their cell phones. It typically causes one of the following:

- Cabbie does excellent impersonation of crazy person talking to self, creeping you the hell out, but is actually on the phone.

- Cabbie is too engrossed in conversation to notice you're hailing his cab (optional bonus: next cab in line tells you to take Oblivious Cabbie instead).

- Cabbie is on phone when you board the cab and you aren't sure whether/how loud to interrupt him with the little matter of your destination.

- You think the cabbie is asking you a question but of course he's talking to someone on the phone.

- You think the cabbie is talking on the phone but he really said "Turn here?" and whizzes past your street as you politely ignore what he's mumbling about.

- Cabbie gets off the phone and wants to talk to you about the topic of his conversation, usually how terrible his kids are.

- Cabbie gets in argument with caller and starts yelling into the phone, startling the living daylights out of you.

- Cabbie is on phone when you arrive at your destination, making the negotiation for change more annoying than usual.

- Distracted cabbie gets in an accident/gets a ticket/etc.
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